Fear of Federal Income Taxes in Relation To Earning More

I get notes pretty regularly from readers who express concern that earning more won’t actually gain them anything. “Why should I earn more than I’m

Investments, Taxes, and Worry

Johnny writes in: The one thing that has kept me from diving into investing is fear of taxes. Every time I read about taxes and

Charity and Your Tax Bill

Edit: I made a mistake with the standard deduction math and explanation near the end of the original version of this post. I have since

Turning the Corner with a Side Business

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Twitter and on Facebook for detailed posts that people would like to see. I got


Thoughts on Filing Taxes & Improving The Process

I considered posting this article during the actual tax season, but I decided to wait until the rush of actually filing taxes was over. Almost


9 Things to Do to Get Ready for Tax Season Now!

With Christmas comes the new year, and with the new year comes the painful cycle of preparing one’s taxes. I personally loathe tax season –


How Much Do Taxes Matter To You?

Susan writes in: I feel so helpless as a taxpayer, watching the ridiculous directions the senate, house and president are taking my country. Being self-employed,


Rothe IRA vs. 401k: Taxes & The Future

One big point that I often bring up in favor of Roth IRAs is the fact that you’ve already paid your income taxes on it.


Six Things I Think I Think After Filing Income Taxes

(Many apologies to the great Peter King, my favorite football writer, for the title of this article.) Just this morning, I finished up my income


Personal Finance 101: Capital Gains Tax

What Are Capital Gains and How Much Tax Do You Have to Pay? A reader wrote in wanting a simple explanation of a very hairy


The Future: Where Will Tax Brackets Go In 30 Years?

I try very hard to avoid political discussions on The Simple Dollar because it often winds up in partisan bickering, but I feel that a

Should I Prepay On My Home Loan Or Put It Into Savings?

I had a lengthy and interesting discussion with my wife this morning about the interest rate on our home loan. We are locked in at


The Simple Dollar Talks Politics (Sort Of)

Although I usually avoid politics like the plague, I felt this was an important issue to address. Yesterday, one of my fellow personal finance bloggers


Don’t Fear The Higher Tax Bracket

One of my readers, Annie, writes: I am up for a promotion at work, but a coworker says that I shouldn’t try to get the


Tax Refund: 10 Things To Do & 5 Things Not To Do

Tax season is finally over, and millions of Americans will receive checks in the mail in the coming weeks from the IRS. Although I do

Debunking Henry Blodget

Hopefully that title got your attention. In fact, it’s a variation on the subtitle of an article posted to Slate.com yesterday, Spend Every Dime!, which

Tax Witholdings and Savings Questions

Recently, a reader of The Simple Dollar contacted me with an interesting question about tax withholdings: With the tax year over, we get to see