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Going Pro: How to Choose a Tax Preparer

More than 50% of taxpayers hire a professional to prepare their taxes. But you’re legally responsible for what is on your tax return even if

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Understanding Income Tax Brackets

There’s a good reason so many people seek professional help with preparing their income taxes. It’s because the tax is complicated, and at the heart of

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Six Big Financial Differences Between a Normal Job and Self-Employment

In 2008, I took the leap from a traditional white collar job into self-employment, mostly on the back of a small side gig I had

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Top Tax Scams to Watch Out for in 2017

Every year, Americans lose untold billions of dollars to a host of tax scams that range from identity theft to return-preparer fraud. While most of

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TurboTax Refund for Deluxe Customers

Taxpayers and investors alike have expressed outrage this tax season over recent changes made by . The company’s “Deluxe” package, a popular choice in recent years,

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Debt Forgiveness and Taxes

In 1726, author Daniel Defoe wrote in “The Political History of the Devil” that, “Things as certain as death and taxes can be more firmly


Tax Changes for 2015

It’s nearly impossible to talk about taxes without remembering Benjamin Franklin’s observation: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and

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The Facts About E-Filing Your Taxes for Free

If it’s free, it’s for me! With few exceptions, no one really enjoys filing their taxes, so why not reduce the sting by doing it

Guide to Self-Directed IRAs

The history of retirement plans in the United States is neither as old nor as extensive as most people think. The first private pension fund

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Four Tips for Using FSA Money Before New Year’s

At the end of the year, we can all get a little scatterbrained. Between work deadlines, gift shopping, baking treats for the kids’ holiday parties, making travel

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Quick Year-End Tax-Saving Ideas

Holiday stress is boiling over, and the last thing you want to worry about are your taxes due next April. But while enjoying a good year

Betterment Review

As I explained last week, I’m on a quest to find the best retirement plan to roll over my old 401(k). I’m going to conduct


How Do The Rich Pay Lower Taxes? And How Can You Do It?

Erin wrote in with a wonderful question that I started to address in Monday’s reader mailbag, but the answer quickly escalated into many, many paragraphs.


A Roth IRA and The Future of Taxes

A few years ago, I wrote an article looking at the differences between a Roth IRA and a 401(k) with regards to how taxes will


The Ultimate Tax Guide for Veterans

As a veteran, there are specific benefits you can take advantage of to maximize your return when you file your individual income taxes. It is


3 Reasons To File Your Taxes Early

This article first appeared at U.S. News and World Report Money. People like to wait until the last minute to file their taxes. The reason


Five Simple Steps to Start Preparing for Tax Season

Like many Americans, I loathe tax season. Collecting documents, filling out forms, sending money to Uncle Sam – it adds up to a process that

File Taxes Online and Fire Your Accountant

Updated: January 21, 2014 I Saved an Extra $1,000 Using Online Tax Software I’ve been doing my taxes online for the past seven years. During