Insights Into Life Insurance From An Actuary

One of my closest friends in the world completed a Ph.D. in mathematics recently and became an actuary for a very large life insurance company.


Remembering The Flood of 1993 And What It Taught Me

I grew up on the muddy banks of the Mississippi River; it was literally within eyeshot of my parents’ land. My father was a small-scale


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Yesterday, I posted a nice story about an individual who saved a great deal of money by reading his auto insurance policy. I posted the


Why I Keep Cash Under My Mattress

It’s true. After all the financial advice I give out on this site, I keep a decent amount of cash “under my mattress” (actually, it’s


Why Anything Other Than Term Insurance Is A Mistake

I recently had a heart-to-heart with my parents where I convinced them to cash in a whole life insurance policy that they bought for me