How to Budget Using ING Direct

As regular readers know, I’m a very happy user of ING Direct. They provide my checking services, my savings services, and all of my online


Some Notes on SmartyPig

First of all, a disclaimer: while I’m not directly involved with SmartyPig, I did speak with the development team in detail during the development process


The Fed Cuts Rates – What Does That Mean For Me?

Whenever the Federal Reserve makes a move, it dominates headlines. I watched CNN for a while yesterday while waiting for a meeting and they kept


The Credit Check Situation

For the last week, there have been numerous reports of individuals who have opened Electric Orange checking accounts and after sixty days have had a


The Big Switch: My Thoughts On Electric Orange After Moving My Primary Checking Account There

About a month ago, I switched my primary checking account from my local brick and mortar bank to ING Direct’s Electric Orange online checking. What


An Introduction To Compound Interest With Spreadsheets, Part 3: A Simple Mortgage Calculator

Regular compound interest is (basically) the way most loans and savings accounts work, including home mortgages. Here, we’re going to use a spreadsheet to calculate


An Introduction To Compound Interest With Spreadsheets, Part 2: Monthly Compound Interest, APRs, and APYs

Previously, we discussed how compound interest works on a year-by-year basis, but in the real world, interest is usually compounded more often than that. For


An Introduction To Compound Interest With Spreadsheets, Part 1: Getting Started And Defining Compound Interest

Several readers have written me excitedly asking how exactly I do some of the calculations on this site and how compound interest works. Usually, I


How My ATM Card Directly Cost Me $30.28 In One Month – And How I Avoid Such Mistakes Today

While doing some calculations for my income taxes, I stumbled across the statement from my checking account for February 2006, just before my financial meltdown.


Thinking Of Making A Banking Change? Here’s How To Compare Competing Bank Accounts

Recently, I’ve received emails from people asking me what I think of various checking accounts, such as ING’s Electric Orange or EverBank. I realized that


The HSBC Direct 6.00% APY Promotion

If you haven’t heard the news, HSBC Direct is running a promotion from January 29 to April 30, 2007. During that promotion, all new deposits


How To Switch To A New Checking Account

I’m on the verge of taking the plunge and switching to ING’s Electric Orange checking account, but one thing has kept me from switching over:


Weighing the Positives and Negatives of ING Electric Orange Checking

I’ve been weighing the positives and negatives of ING’s new Electric Orange checking account, which is now available to some existing ING Direct customers and


Two Banks Enter, One Bank Leaves: ING vs. HSBC in … Direct Thunderdome

Over the past few months, I signed up with both ING Direct and HSBC Direct in order to try out their online savings offerings. I